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Iniziamo la giornata

Iniziamo la giornata

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Dopotutto le persone interessanti sono sempre il frutto di situazioni complicate. (via theswallowsfly)

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New dress and new shoes #happy

New dress and new shoes #happy

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what i love about january


this is my best stuff for this january.


1. Head Scarf Hair by H&M

2. Bracelets bought during my trip to Ethiopia this month; made of copper, beads and small bells.

3. Lea michele for her new smoking-hot style. i really love her!

4. Bracelets by Stradivarius accessories

5. Magnetic Nail Lacquer by Kiko make up Milano

6. Mascara the Max bold curves by Rimmel

7. All over pencil N° 421 by Lady Iya biologic 

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